Parks Improvements

Park Signage Improvements
1 Deteriorating Signs
1 Non-Standard Sign

DESCRIPTION: Standardizing entry signage at all of Larkspur’s public parks and greenways.

LOCATION: All public parks and greenways throughout Larkspur and Greenbrae. This includes the City’s one regional park, Piper Park, ten mini parks, and the Hillview and Doherty Greenways.

BENEFIT: Many of the park entrance signs to Larkspur’s public parks and greenways are either in disrepair or non-existent, nor is there any uniformity amongst the signage that is in place.  A signage uniformity project will result in a cohesive design standard, including more durable, maintenance-friendly signs. The new signage will facilitate the public’s ability to locate and identify City parks and enhance civic pride.  

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—$10,000 County Parks Measure A. Total $100,000

SCHEDULE: (tentative) Design Work Fall 2017

Niven Park Improvements
2 Accesible Picnic Area
2 Playground

DESCRIPTION: Add an accessible picnic area; perimeter playground fence, shade trees & landscaping, minor equipment upgrades; drinking fountain and pet waste stations. The project will also improve accessibility to existing improvements.

LOCATION: Niven Park, Barry Way & Drakes Landing Road in Greenbrae

BENEFIT: Niven Park is a popular park serving many nearby residents, including pet owners, children and their caretakers, nature & wildlife enthusiasts and people desiring exercise, socialization, and relaxation. Larkspur’s Mini-Parks Action Plan identified various upgrades to improve accessibility, enhance playground usage, and replace or add new park fixtures.

BUDGET & FUNDING:: (fully funded) FY 2017/18-$15,000—County Parks Measure A. Total $100,000

SCHEDULE (tentative): Design and Public Engagement fall 2017. Construction fall 2018

Piper Park Tennis Court Improvements
3 Cracks
3 Ghosting

DESCRIPTION: Crack sealing and resurfacing of all four courts at Piper Park Tennis Courts and minor fencing repairs.

LOCATION: Piper Park, 250 Doherty Drive in Larkspur

BENEFIT: The four tennis courts at Piper Park are used daily by an active adult tennis community and by children attending summer camps and after-school programs. Since the courts were last resurfaced in 2006, the courts have developed cracks and voids in the surfacing and ghosting of the painted wear course. This project will level out and fill in cracks, resurface and repaint the court surfaces and make minor repairs to the perimeter fencing, resulting in improved safety and a fresh new look.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—$40,000 County Parks Measure A Total $40,000

Piper Park Volleyball Court 2 Improvement
4 Before
4 After

DESCRIPTION: Upgrades to Court 2 including professional grade volleyball sand, net system and border replacements similar to improvements completed on Court 1.

LOCATION: Piper Park, 250 Doherty Drive in Larkspur

BENEFIT: In 2016, the generic sand in one of the two outdoor volleyball courts at Piper Park was replaced with “volleyball” sand, formulated to be dust-free, non-abrasive and non-compacting. Since then, Larkspur Recreation has seen a dramatic spike in court rentals for tournaments and volleyball camps. Upgrading the second court will provide recreational users and competitive players with a superior, safer playing experience and enhance desirability for future court rentals.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—$5,000 County Parks Measure A. Total $40,000

SCHEDULE (tentative): Construction summer 2018