Bike and Pedestrian Path Improvements

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DESCRIPTION: Minor improvements to and rehabilitation of bicycle and pedestrian paths, including signage, ADA accommodation, striping, repaving.

LOCATION: Paths and trails throughout Larkspur and Greenbrae, to be determined.

BENEFIT: Maintains safety and helps mitigate future costly deferred maintenance on approximately 7 miles of existing bike and pedestrian paths.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—$36,250 - Gas Tax Total $181,250 (5 years)

SCHEDULE (tentative): Proposed on-going five year project starting in 2017/18

Rose Lane Connector

DESCRIPTION: Acquisition and improvement of a multi-use path connecting the Rose Lane development to the North-South Pathway.

LOCATION: Extending from the north end of the multi-use path east of Camellia Circle to the existing North-South Pathway in Larkspur.

BENEFIT: Ownership and improvement of the path is a vital link in the city’s bicycle and pedestrian network, as identified in the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—none $143,380 Restricted Revenue—Rose Lane

SCHEDULE (tentative): Construction 2017/18

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