City-Wide Storm Drain Repairs

1 Flooded Street
1 Storm Drain Vault

DESCRIPTION: Continued replacement and reconditioning of storm drain pipes, pumps and manholes/ catch basins. Development of a Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP) including assessment of existing system and planning for repairs/ replacements including cost estimates. Environmental permitting for maintenance of outfalls.

LOCATION: City-wide in Larkspur and Greenbrae

BENEFIT: Improvements to the storm drain system reduces flooding potential from rainstorm events, and helps to eliminate potential pollutant spills to the bay. The Storm Drain Master Plan will identify and quantify deficiencies in the system and serve as a planning document for future repairs and improvements.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18—$100,000 - Gas Tax. Total $617,000

SCHEDULE (tentative): SDMP compete by summer 2018

Corte Alejo Storm Drain

2 Overland Pipe
2 Damaged Pipe

DESCRIPTION: Replace the damaged storm drainage system that runs from Via La Paz to Corte Alejo.

LOCATION: Storm drain pipes exist between homes on the hillside between Corte Alejo and Via La Paz in Greenbrae. An option for replacement includes new storm drain pipes in the street on Via la Paz from #341 to Via Barranca, and along Via Barranca from Via la Paz to Via Larida.

BENEFIT: The existing system of overland storm drain pipes was damaged in a landslide and requires significant on-going efforts to maintain. A replacement pipe has been determined to be the most cost effective solution, with an in-street route being preferred.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (fully funded) FY 2017/18 $315,814-Gas Tax, TAM Msr A & B. Total $1,004,873

SCHEDULE (tentative): Construction Fall 2017

Hillview Gardens Storm Drain

3 Flooded Street
3 Map

DESCRIPTION: Reconfiguration of storm drain system in Hillview Garden neighborhood and rerouting to a new storm drain pump station on Bon Air Road

LOCATION: Hillview Garden neighborhood located on the east side of Magnolia north of Bon Air Road in Larkspur.

BENEFIT: The Hillview Gardens neighborhood, sandwiched between King Mountain and Corte Madera Creek is subject to frequent flooding. The existing storm drain system has proved inadequate to handle the levels of run-off passing through the neighborhood in combination with high creek tides.

BUDGET & FUNDING: (partially funded) FY 2017/18—none Total $940,000 -Ross Valley Watershed (partial)

SCHEDULE (tentative): Preliminary design in 2017/18. Construction in 2019/20