Larkspur Library Display Case - March 2017


Collection of Hand-Thrown Pottery by Matt Carlton

     Welcome to the colorful world of my favorite potter, Matt Carlton. He was born in Missouri in 1872 and grew up in Benton, Arkansas. Coincidentally, I was born in Columbia, Missouri and my father grew up in Augusta, Arkansas.

     In 1915, Matt moved his family to Los Angeles, California and began a long and productive employment with Bauer Pottery.

     Most of these hand-thrown pieces would have been made in the 1930's when Matt was already in his 60's, and Bauer was glazing his pots with the vibrant colors of the brilliant chemist Victor Houser.

     I hope you find these to be as beautiful and unique as I have discovered them to be.

 David Mann
 Larkspur, CA

Hand-Thrown Pottery

The Larkspur Library Display Case is located inside the front entrance of the library. The work of local artists is displayed for one month at a time. For more information contact the library at (415) 927-5005.