Support the Larkspur Library

You can help support the Larkspur Library by volunteering your time, making financial contributions, donating books, or by joining AmazonSmile. Your help is welcome and gratefully received. Tax deductible donations can be made to the Friends of the Larkspur Library, or to the Larkspur Library Endowment Fund and Foundation

Join the Friends of the Larkspur Library

The Friends of the Larkspur Library is a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting our wonderful library and furthering its vital role in our community. The Friends support the library and its users through advocacy, volunteerism, contributions, and book sales. The Friends fund many vital library needs, such as upgrades to the library’s reading room and the Children’s Library, new books, audio books; DVDs; computers and printers, Summer Reading Programs and speakers for the Library’s speaker series. The Friends of Larkspur Library are a recognized charity on the Amazon Smile Charitable Donations page; please join to have your Amazon purchases support the Larkspur Library at no cost to you. Book Donations may be made at the library during open hours. 

Visit the Friends of Larkspur Library to become a member, to make a financial contribution, and to explore volunteer opportunities.

Support the Larkspur Library Foundation

The Larkspur Library Foundation has a single mission: to support the Larkspur Public Library. It has provided continuous financial support since it was formed in 1977.  The Larkspur Library Foundation maintains certain funds as a permanent endowment allowing income to be spent for the Library while preserving the endowed principal. It also maintains other unrestricted funds to support the Library. In 2005, the Foundation established a separate building fund so that donors could earmark donations for use on a new library and community center.

Over the years the Larkspur Library Foundation has made annual donations to the Larkspur Library for technology equipment and databases, furniture, books and supplies. In 1983, the Foundation was a major contributor of funds for the renovation of the Library, and continues to provide funds as needed for Library enhancements.  

Contributions can be made by mail or through direct contribution on their website:

Larkspur Library Foundation
P.O. Box 5263
Larkspur, CA 94977-5263